The Grove

Our Sunday afternoon children's program where kids grow their faith.

What is The Grove?

The Grove is what we call our Sunday afternoon children's program.

A grove is a small group of planted trees. Healthy trees grow! In the same way, we want The Grove to be a place where kids grow their faith in Jesus.

What can I expect?

At The Grove, you can expect your children to know they are loved and treasured by God, and by us!

When you arrive, you and your children will be greeted at the back door of the church. Before you release them into our care for the evening, we will verify with you who will be picking up your child.

Usually, at each meeting, the kids go through rotations including a Bible lesson, music, activity/recreation, and snacks! 😋

When The Grove ends, we bring all the kids upstairs to wait for pickup. Parents (or whoever you have told us will pick up your kids) must come inside to pick them up; we keep all kids inside until their parents come inside to get them.

That sounds great! Give me the details.

The Grove is open to any kids ages 3 through 5th grade. If you have older kids, you might be interested in Smith Grove Students.

The Grove meets every other Sunday from 4:30 - 6PM at Smith Grove (949 Airport Ave in Greenville).

A couple of those dates are events for the whole family.

Here's the whole schedule for this spring:

February 5

February 19

March 5

March 19

April 2

April 16

April 30

May 7 - Family Night

Do I need to sign up?

It sure helps us out if you do! Your child(ren) will of course be welcome even if you don't, but we'd appreciate it if you'd click below to register.