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  1. This message confirmed in me something. Sometimes I overthink, and I wait for a certain feeling to come over me before I share the gospel. A certain inspiration or movement of the Holy Spirit or whatever I think I’m doing. I don’t need to feel like doing something to be obedient. Just do it. And leave the result to God. He has already said to go into the world and share the gospel, how many times does He need to say it?

    The other thing that struck me is that the Ninevites believed the message. I can remember a time when I was sharing the gospel and was frustrated because the person seemed uninterested when I shared Scripture, when I was talking about God’s book. Finally, the person said,”Yes, but first I have to believe it.” Wow. So true. That’s not my job, that’s the holy spirits work.

    Thanks for this message.

    • Thanks for sharing, Kathy! It’s so true–we just need to make ourselves available to God. Changing hearts is something only God can do, but we are God’s ambassadors and He does reach people through us–but it only works if we’re obedient.

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